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2become1 Ministries

with Rodger & Janet Sauls


"For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh."  

Genesis 2:24 (NIV) 

2 Become 1 Ministries is a ministry of marriage enrichment led by Rodger and Janet Sauls.  Our ministry has been created to provide husbands and wives with a better understanding and appreciation of their God-given differences and needs, and to ensure their marriages are built upon the foundation of God's Holy Word.


What We Believe 

We sincerely believe that the demise of marriages and the family unit are the core of most challenges we face in our world today; therefore, we are committed to providing couples with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to strengthen and enhance their marriages.  Since there are no perfect marriages, we provide insight and encouragement to those who struggle, as well as those who desire to make their good marriages even better.

Why We Exist

In order to help strengthen couples and enhance marriages, 2 Become 1 Ministries has developed a number of strong, biblical, and practical marriage conferences. These are live events, combining foundational biblical instruction, real life stories, short video clips, and couple interaction in a protected environment that enhances the weekend retreat experience. For more information, contact Rodger and Janet at or call 919-810-5564. 

2 Become 1 Ministries
5313 Serather Court, Garner, North Carolina 27529, United States
Phone: 919-810-5564

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“We look forward to having you and Janet return in the future for another marriage emphasis. You blended in so well with our people and they seemed to receive your ministry with openness and gratitude. Thank you for being so kind and considerate and handling the topics with such grace and dignity. Your ministry has been a perfect fit for the needs in the life of our church body and the couples. I am sure that the impact of the weekend will extend far into the days ahead.”

Pastor Dwayne Batten, Princeton Baptist Church, Princeton, NC

"I wanted to take a moment and say how much we appreciate all that the two of you did for TMBC's marriage retreat.  I knew from the moment I met the two of you that we were in good hands, and you did not disappoint.  The teaching was clear, presented with professionalism and very personable.  I also appreciate that your material was very biblically based.  I have heard nothing but positive things from all who attended.  I have not doubt that God used you and this retreat to strengthen good marriages and put some struggling marriages on the right track.  I will be recommending you highly to my fellow pastors."

J Douglas Duty Jr., Turner Memorial Baptist Church, Garner, NC

 "An incredible weekend with 2 Become1 Ministries at Freedom Biker Church - Fayetteville.  Our "C.L.U.T.C.H" Couples group wanted to sponsor an event to encourage, inspire, and motivate couples in our Church family and this was exactly what we needed.  Rodger & Janet are the real deal.  They were down to earth, authentic and genuine in their presentation about marriage, the issues we face in our relationships and the material presented.  The material was practical and useful, and if applied properly, will improve and strengthen relationships.  It was a powerful weekend for the couples attending.  Thank you Rodger and Janet!"

Pastor JD Tew, Freedom Biker Church, Fayetteville, NC



The mission of 2 Become 1 Ministries is to positively impact and enhance marriages, according to God's perfect design, through Bible study, teaching, and facilitation in classroom or retreat settings.


Marriage was designed by God to be a covenant relationship between a man and a woman, one that gets better every year.  Yet all around us marriages and families are disintegrating.  As the divorce rate climbs and marriages implode, there is also collateral damage that leaves life-long scars on the children and extended family.  


In preparation for our jobs, we spend many years educating ourselves.  How much time do we spend preparing and educating ourselves for our marriage?  Most people who have been married will eagerly admit that marriage takes a lot of work, yet how much did we prepare to be a husband or wife?  For most of us, we model in our marriage only what we observed from our parents and family members. Unfortunately, most of them did not get all of it right.  Most of us participated in a few sessions with the minister, but did we really concentrate on what was said?  We have all gained some knowledge and experience through trial and error, but there is a better way.


God's Holy Word provides a perfect outline for marriage and many other insights for the marriage relationship.  It is the responsibility of each spouse to gain an understanding of what His Word says about marriage and implement these principles into our relationships.  For more information about 2 Become 1 Ministries, or to schedule an event, contact Rodger and Janet Sauls by phone at 919-810-5564 or by email at   

I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God's love.

Romans 8:38

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